• AK47 Financial Services - here to blow away your merchant gateway hassles
    Had gateway hassles? Fuck it off, with us.

  • High Performance Bullshit Free Financial and Merchant Gateway Services
    We refuse to fuck you around. We are on point, and keep your credit card slapping a happening.

Want a Merchant Facility that Blows Your Mind?

Tired of being fucked around? We are too. That is why we are getting ready to launch you the most amazing merchant gateway for you high risk buddies of ours.

You might be selling chemicals, dealing with occult products, reading tarot cards, performing spells for people, selling nutraceuticals or e-cigarettes. We know you guys in the high risk category include adult services. But hey, people have vices, and habits, and we desire to serve you in serving people who choose to have the right to live their lifestyles a certain way.

*any type of weapons trafficking, illegal addictive drugs, human trafficking or illicit legal activities, sorry (actually not sorry) but we have to turn you away. Some shit doesn’t fly, but for the rest of you who have the legal right to sell, and want to have merchant services and actually have them up and running without having problems like

  • opening up a payment gateway then it is shut down
  • having your funds locked away for months
  • being arsed around
  • having your customer privacy violated
  • being discriminated against because of the products and services you offer

Generally we know you get arsed around, and we don’t think that it is fair. Actually we think it is fucked up, and we are here to solve it. Let us have all the bullshit to deal with, and we keep everything square and fair.

One application fee, and one percentage rate per transaction. Funds get cleared into your bank account weekly, with financial reconciliation reports provided to you. We also set up your e-commerce store under our own private server to ensure that you have full confidence in your web server systems (yes we take care of your shop). That is a fucken good deal, so you just focus on marketing, product fulfillment and distribution, and we send you reports and your money.

Yes, it really is fucking brilliant, because the team behind it are fucking legends who give a flying fuck about you.

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Robert Renshaw and Lori Orford-Woodward

Two fucking legendary, outside of the box thinking entrepreneurs who are in the game to help you win.